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  1. Hello! We’ve met on facebook and you’re giving me great advice so far!
    I would eventually like to monetize my channel but am aware it’s a long process – my expectations are realistic. Don’t worry, I’m not tempted by dishonest ways of getting subscribers like sub4sub and will never be. I’ll edit my old videos and fix the hashtag issue, also it’s good to know for the future. I’ll find more ways to use my face in the thumbnails more- the reason I haven’t is that frankly, it’s hard to get a flattering shot of my full face (I’m just not symmetrical, and it’s hard to compete with so many others who are much more polished than I am), haha but I’ll do my best. You’re right about the font – I didn’t think of viewers watching on a mobile device.

    • Hello Julie,

      If you create your own logo, to go into the top left of your thumbnail maybe? Photos don’t necessarily need to be of you, you could use one of the cards that you are talking about, with your logo of course. It will all fall together as you go along. Also when thinking about your thumbnail, optimum size is 1920 x 1080.

      Do you have a smart TV that is spending time doing nothing? Then why not get it to play your videos whilst you are doing other things? This will up your watch time!!!

      Future videos to fill your channel: Maybe do short videos on each card, then put them into their own playlist. This will also fill your channel with more videos in a shorter period of time.

      Good of you to contact me again, John.

      • I do have a graphic designer friend who told me a few days ago he would help me out for free if I was keen, but at that time I was thinking of the bigger picture – creating my own tarot deck (long term project)…I completely missed out on the most obvious thing, though! I’ll look into a logo and get in touch with him about that. I can also suck it up and figure out face pictures for the meantime and add the logo to all the thumbnails after the logo is sorted.

        About the thumbnail size…it was an accident at first, but I’ve found out I have a higher than expected click-through rate, even though the size of the thumbnail isn’t correct. It’s around 4% for my numerology video. Is it possible that it’s partly because of the unusual size of the thumbnail that makes it stand out a little more? I’ve been mulling over the size problem and if the weird size works to the video’s advantage or not. What do you think? Reply wherever you prefer, I’ll see it.

        I don’t have a smart tv – at the moment I’m making do with my laptop which likes to shut down in the middle of editing long videos, but I’ll get a new one in August/September so I won’t be delayed with posting videos, and I’ll have a posting schedule.

        I have a rough plan for my videos now from now until September. I’ll be adding short, bite-sized videos about each tarot card to a playlist with a surprise after the Major Arcana (big important cards) are uploaded. In addition, I’ll be making longer ones about numerology and how it plays out.

        Reply at your leisure, I’m grateful for your help so far and don’t want to take advantage.

        • The problem with stats in the early days, is that they can be very misleading. You will find that the numbers will bounce all over the place. Gradually as you get into a routine and you have a few more videos, you will have more accurate figures to work from.

          One very useful tool in your analytics is the Traffic source: YouTube search, this will show you what is most searched for. This can also be used to produce more videos on the more popular searches.

          Watch Time: You are looking to get this as high as possible! So, whenever you can, play your own videos. Maybe, but not sure, watch whilst logged out of your account??

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